ECG interpretation service

Broomwell Healthwatch offers healthcare professionals access to ‘consultant led’ immediate, expert, clinical interpretation of 12-lead ECGs and arrhythmia tests. The service has successfully interpreted well over 760,000 ECGs and is now commissioned by 70+ CCGs.

Clinical Governance (Consultant Led)

ECG Interpretation

Clinical Governance standards at the centre are extremely rigorous (the “Gold Standard”) and are set by our medical advisory board of eminent consultant cardiologists, led by Dr Derek Rowlands. Staff at the Broomwell Healthwatch centre who perform the ECG interpretations are all UK practising cardiac clinicians and cardiology registrars  with extensive cardiology clinical experience in coronary care units. They are selected for their outstanding ‘clinical’  ECG interpretation skills. More

  • ECG Interpretation service

    • Arrhythmia Interpretation service

      • Britain’s largest ‘consultant led’ ECG and arrhythmia service for NHS Primary Care

      • Expert immediate ‘clinical’ reporting and management advice (where appropriate)

      • Immediate 12 lead ECG interpretation service – via the telephone / internet

      • Bringing 12 lead ECG expertise into every surgery,  enabling GPs to make better-informed diagnoses

      • Arrhythmia – Ambulatory ECG – Loop Event Monitors

      • Arrhythmia – Ambulatory ECG – 24 Hour Tapes (holters)

        • Bringing Arrhythmia and AF expertise into every surgery, enabling GPs to make immediate and better-informed diagnoses and triage decisions

        • Enabling cardiac diagnosis within every surgery (avoiding the need for referrals)

        • Written reports (which follow within minutes) can be filed into standard surgery ‘electronic filing systems’ (EMIS/ Vision / Docman / SystmOne/ Etc)

        • Avoid referrals – diagnostics done within surgery and within minutes

        • Highest standards of ‘clinical governance’

        • Over 760,000 successful ECG interpretations (From some 70+ CCGs)

        • 3,300 ECG interpretations per week from some 70+ CCGs

        • Winners of three National Awards and finalists in a fourth

        • Numerous successful major NHS ‘pilots’ – demonstrating the effectiveness & financial savings

        • Rigorous standards of clinical governance, led by some of the UK’s most eminent cardiologists

        • Promoted in the Darzi report

        • Promoted by the NHS – Technology Adoption Hub

        • Huge reduction in referrals (to secondary care / diagnostic centres)

        • Greatly enhanced patient experience

        • Significant financial savings for CCGs / consortia / surgeries

        • Centre is operational 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year

        “A valuable service. Fantastic system. Results back in the minimum amount of time”
        GP practice, Central Lancashire
        ''So simple to use....  no need for any IT infrastructure.... so quick... it has transformed diagnostics at our surgery...''
        GP, London
        “We love it! The service has speeded up the process, and  is very fast and efficient.”  
        GP practice, Wiltshire
        “Overall this service is fantastic, lots of patients have remarked how much better the ECG service is”
        GP practice, St Helens
        "So quick, so efficient..."
        GP, Manchester
        “Just an all round excellent service provided by Broomwell and all their staff”  
        GP practice, Darwen